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Visual Arts and Film Studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

optical Arts and Film Studies - strive ExampleDiscussion of Greek architecture and the various stages of development that it went through and the impact of those developments on their dodge and maneuveri situations is the focal point of this paper. To attain the objective and to compare the variation in blind pertaining to two diametric periods of the same civilization, pottery has been decided to be focused upon. Tabular Comparison Part II Visual Analysis The above aim is a campaign view comparison of the two pieces of pottery selected for this paper. In the above common fig tree the two pieces of art are distinguished and deconstructed into 4 major and prominent factions from the front view. Tabular comparison covers the differences between the two pieces of art in detail however a frontage view comparison is as follows. The two pieces of art can be distinguished into A= Neck, B= Handle, C= Belly and D= Base. In figure A it can be observed that the recognize of the vase i s slimmer and compliments the imagery that is present drawn on the body of the vase whereas in figure B the cervix uteri is wider and once again provides a balance symmetry with the overall orientation of the amphora (Scott, 2004). The handles in both(prenominal) the pieces of art are different in their structure, counterfeit and inclination and perhaps purpose as well. In figure A we can see that the handles are an extension of the vase and are not an additional inclusion in the structure of the pot. The handles are part of the design of the vase. In comparison to take A, handles in figure B are not highlighted in the frontal view. From the front view scarce edges of the handles are observable judgment of conviction in figure A frontal view clearly shows the features of the handles (Scott, 2004). Part C in both the pots is the Belly. In Figure A, belly is circular in its shape and is once again utilized by the artist to compliment the image that has been drawn on the body. On the other hand in Fig B the belly is elongated and is oval in its shape. Belly comprise the main proportion of the intact structure in both the pots but Figure A has a more radial shape of the belly in contrast to Fig B that is slender in its orientation. Part D in both the pots, as highlighted above is the base of the figure. There are similarities in the base of both the pieces of art as can be observed. The base appears to be solid and flat in both the pieces of art. another(prenominal) aspect to be observed from a technical view point is the width of the base in both the figures is in accordance with the shape and size of the entire art work. In figure A the base is wider than that in Figure B and this variation in width can be associated to the fact that bellies in both the figures occupy a different volume and thus they require different widths of bases to form a balanced art structure (Scott, 2004). In the above table the two art plant life are deconstructed into various observable components. The differences in the orientation shape and design of the two art working clearly depicts the transformation that the art work and civilization has come across over the passage of time (Lynch, 2005). Figura Activa refers to the active image that can be observed prominently in a piece of art. For figure A figura activa is identified to be an octopus. While in Figure B no prominent fount can be identified however circular lines along the horizontal axis are the only notable existence in the art work. Mesomorph is referred to as the overall expansion of the shape of an art

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