Monday, July 22, 2019

Segregated Schools Essay Example for Free

Segregated Schools Essay â€Å"From the day she was born, the girl had seizure after seizure† quoted Gina Kolata. One new born, toddler, baby girl, was suspected that she had a genetic disorder. Doctors at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo, provided a sample of her blood which took only 50 hours and provided with an answer. The toddler had seizures after seizures that doctors frantically tried to keep her alive. Her doctors suspected a genetic disorder that they began a study of a new technique for quickly analyzing the DNA of newborns. The baby girl had a mortal gene mutation. â€Å"There was no treatment, there was not anything that could have changed the outcome†, Dr. Petrikin said which her family decided to let their baby go because her family did not want to see their baby girl in pain. She was only 5 weeks old. This all happened by not saying it was the baby girl’s fault or its mother’s. It just happened there is no explanation about why, did the baby girl have a disorder or disease. But there was not enough resources and medicine that could cure the disorder in time. My opinion on this article is that it is a well written article and gives a lot of details on what the situation is. I chose this article because I was mainly focusing on Medicine, Disease, and Health because I really like knowing about what kinds of different diseases there are and what just goes on in the human body. I don’t know if I agree with the article or disagree with the article because of how it turned out to be at the end with the baby girl. I think the article kind of turned out to be a story.

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