Sunday, August 25, 2019

Being a leader Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Being a leader - Essay Example What matters, are the characters and attitudes toward any adjustments to be able to survive the tests of undesirable circumstances. Deciding how to respond to unrealistic expectations, and the problem people who so often plague the administrator's credibility and integrity has to have founded principles in doing so. According to James A. Davey and Warren Bird on "Handling Expectations", the following are suggested: 1. know yourself - Stripping away the accretions of the years - those layers of expectations others have laid upon us and we have willingly assumed. We should never underestimate the power of others to make us dishonest with ourselves. Change, which is dominant nowadays, is a part of the different strategies implemented to attain the peak of success of any kind of endeavor. However, it doesn't materialize completely until all the concerned people within its scope are prepared and ready most especially for its unexpected consequences. Though change without conflict is rarely possible, there is still much to do to limit conflict and overcome resistance to change. The potential influence of such technology on all aspects of communication is tremendous. As it is apparent in the advances of computer networks, communication satellites, data handling devices, electronic information exchange adapted to convey voice, vision, and graphics as distinct and separate types of communication. Communication, which is the building block of any relationship, plays a major role in the success of any organization aspiring to compete in this competing generation. It serves as a bridge to transport vast excellent inputs and highly competent outputs that marks an organization in gaining respect and prestige. Thus, the problem regarding communication tops the priority list to be addressed. Every individual communicates differently depending on a combination of personal and environmental factors. As such, a Court Administrator needs to learn to communicate at the level of the recipient, since communication is complete only when both parties understand what is being said, and as Peter Drucker puts it, "Enable performers to perform their way - not your way." Since communication plays such central roles in any organization, the key issue is not whether administrators engage in communication or not, but whether administrators communicate effectively or poorly. Communication is unavoidable to an organization's functioning. In other words, people must exchange information. However, to develop shared meaning requires positive efforts by administrator and other participants. Outputs should be made clear, understood, and agreed upon by all as goals and objectives should also be well-communicated and meet certain expectations. Highlighting priorities is equally important, and in the interest of clarity, a job description

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