Monday, September 23, 2019

Human resources Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Human resources - Essay Example The assessment procedures require standardisation in order to present a fair platform for all interested participants. As such, test design and validation is required when creating a standardised assessment process. Test design and validation are key principles in the assessment process during selection of personnel that ensure relevance of tests been administered. In essence, test validation highlights the process of establishing relations between the test administered and the job in question. The validity of a test is critical when selecting a test as it refers to the characteristic being measured and how well the test produces the best results. Validity indicates how reliable the results yielded are in line with the purpose of the test as well as ensuring relevance of the assessment process. What are the key performance dimensions of the instructor who is teaching this course? In your opinion, what should they be? There are three main methods of ensuring validation in assessments procedures and they include criterion-related validity, content-related validity, and construct-related validity. Criterion-related validity provides data indicating statistical relationship between test performance and key job factors, which provides predictive information on work behaviour. In this case, an individual who performs well in such tests is bound to perform better in the job than someone who yielded low scores. Content-related validity produces evidence that illustrates the composition of the test demonstrates crucial behaviour in relation to the job. The test dwells on requirements and qualifications of an individual for the desired position. For instance, fire fighters must demonstrate their physical ability in stressful situations and reflect minimum strength required to perform safety procedures associated with their line of work. Finally, construct-related validity refers to the assessment of individual traits such as personality and core values that are critical in delivery on the job. For instance, aspiring candidates for the position of customer care personnel should exercise tolerance by default in order to provide efficiently required information to irate customers. Why are clear job specifications important? What are the costs of imprecise specifications? Provide an example The importance of indicating clear job specification in any organisation cannot be overemphasised as it is of critical value to all. Compiling of job descriptions lies squarely within the human resource manager, who is charged with the role of hiring personnel based on tasks to be carried out in the organisation. A clear-cut description highlights what the organisation expects from each employee as it entails the details of personnel roles and duties. This saves time and resources that could have been otherwise lost in the confusion created by mixed roles and disorganisation within the company. As such, effective job descriptions provide efficient communication chan nels within an organisation since every employee is aware of their role. Similarly, the employees become aware of the company’s mission and vision, as well as explaining how each of them fits into the organisation’s future. Moreover, clear job specifications help in weeding out unqualified applicants while ensuring the recruitment of qualified personnel. This acts to save the organisation a significant amount of money and thus boosts productivity. From a legal point of

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