Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Organizational Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Organizational Culture - Essay Example According to his perspective artifacts, values, and basic assumptions do not reflect separate levels of culture. This perspective tries to link the manifestations of culture to provide a deeper understanding of the overall organizational culture. Therefore, the perspectives of these two authors regarding organizational culture are very different from each other. Changing organizational culture is very significant in an organization’s effort to increase its performance. However, this culture requires continuous changes in order to sustain growth in organization’s performance. Organizational culture can be changed by following four major steps. The first step is undertaking a research on the current organizational culture. The second step is designing a strategy to change the culture while the third step is implementing the strategy designed. The final step of changing the organizational culture is the evaluation of the changes obtained from the strategy. Organizations can undertake changes on their different aspects. The changes are always very closely associated with changes in the organizational culture. This is because organizational culture results to overall change in the organization. Organizational development is regarded as a change in the primary level of organizational aspects of a company. Such changes include changes in both the individual and group level of the employees of the organization. Introduction of new technology in an organization is a challenge to both the management and members. In implementing a new accounting information system, I would begin by researching on various accounting management systems and the benefits of each of the systems. After researching, I would select the most beneficial accounting management system and then communicate to employees about the benefits that the organization would obtain from the new system. Moreover, I would inform them the benefits they can derive from the system and

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