Thursday, October 17, 2019

Forced Migration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Forced Migration - Essay Example A major reason that has intensified forced migration is the international terrorism which is being driven by certain religious ideologies.   For instance, the notorious organizations like the Al- Qaeda and Taliban which have targeted the conversion of entire world in to Islam, consider all other religious groups as their foes.   This Spiritual Terrorism addresses itself as Jihad.   Although they are against all governments, their major concern seems to be the United States of America and some other European nations that have a colonial or imperial history. The global terrorism has left far reaching consequences on the social, moral and economic areas of the present world. People suspect the members of other ethnic groups and that leads to communal riots and violence in many parts of the world. The recent terror attacks and current warfare in the countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Palestine etc. have produced thousands of refugees. The moral concept of the world is highly affected by terrorist distractions. Children and women are being exploited and victimized more than ever before. Crimes such as smuggling, looting and sex racketing flourish along with every terror attempt. Terrorists invest huge amounts in their operations to attract youngsters of poor financial and educational backgrounds.   The number of death and migration occurred during the terror attacks, and further due to the war against terror are beyond any statistics. Thousands of children every year become homeless and women miss their husbands and fathers for the sake of terrorism. Horrible uncertainty is prevailing in many of the countries which are having terrorist influence.  Unexpected climate changes and natural calamities also often compel people to move from one place to another. Irrespective of geographical differences every population is under the threat of forced migration which can be caused by climate change or other ecological catastrophe. Natural phenomena such as sea level rise, hurricanes and typhoons, drought, wildfire, heat waves, volcanoes, and earthquakes result in massive migration every year in many parts of the world. Millions of people become homeless who are often called ecological refugees. These causes are absolutely natural and there is no significant connection with any sort of global change. In addition to these environmental reasons, sometimes governments’ infrastructure projects also cause forced migration which can be attributed to global change. For instance, building of dams, roads or tourist resorts often demand people to leave their place. World Bank estimates that 90 million people were displaced in the 1990s as a result of infrastructure projects (Digby B, 2001). In fact there are only a few causes like globalization, financial policies, and infrastructure modification that are closely associated with global change.

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