Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Cultural Analysis Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

heathenish Analysis - Research Paper ExampleHealthcare provision is still behind in middle-class countries. People in Panama hand over no confidence in the health care provision. They recollect God is the only alternative for curing diseases. It made the researcher believe the level of education in Panama is still behind. Civilization has not taken root in most parts of Panama. To view the womens position in the Panamanians society, the interviewee gave an in-depth discussion. The specific questions were how the marriage customs were practiced, attitude about separation, how women record modesty and roles of women in the society. The answers for the questions were different from what the researcher expected. It turned out that the women had no major position in Panamanians society. The researcher agreed with the interviewer that it would take time for Panama, to embrace the role of women in the society.For a health care provider to be culturally sensitive, he has to understand the roles of gender, sexual orientation, faith, tastes, and socioeconomic status. Physicians have to be sensitive to the unique needs of the Panama people. Sensitivity to their needs will improve the helping delivery. Furthermore, asking appropriate questions, which are open-ended, will demonstrate a particular health care provider is culturally sensitive. Communication is an essential tool that will improve the patient-doctor relationship. The communication means should be adapted to bridge the differences between the culture of medicine and Panamanians beliefs and practices.

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