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Movie Review Stranger than Paradise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Movie Review Stranger than Paradise - Essay ExampleThey gave tolerate t many ther artistic mvements influencing talented peple and inspired them t create the real masterpieces. Mre recently, artistic styles barely last a decade since the speed f develpment and grwth f a persn as well as the sciety as a whle is much large than it was many centuries ag. Mdernity and alternate art became the cncept that have generated the mst challenging questins abut art in the twentieth century since traditinal frms f art, literature, filmmaking and architecture were cnsidered utdated by the mdern artists in the emerging industrialized wrld (Cnnr, 1967). Any frm f artistic bodily function creating its system f frms, techniques, terminlgy, aesthetic effects, mvements and schls never frgets abut its past. Twentieth century represents the mst impressive and unfrgettable artists and their art wrks as this perid f fourth dimension cvers many different art mvements, amng which are cubism, surrealism, s uprematism, pp art, actin painting, dada, avant-garde, essentialist feminism, scial cnstructivist feminism and many thers. Histrical plts full f herism and pathetic elements were extraneus fr the artists frm thse mvements. ... Prducers refused frm the traditins f classical filmmaking, preferred t give the dminant rle t the indispensable rigin and made frm be prevalent ver substance. Independent filmmakers are nt interested t create films that lk real r understandable. It is mre imprtant t converse the feelings and emtins f the prducer as well as his characters. In rder t d it, the prducer becmes part f the film in the prcess f its creatin. Stranger than Paradise by Jim Jarmusch belngs t independent films that usually differ nticeably frm mst mound marketed films being prduced by majr film studis. Persnal artistic visin f Jarmusch is realized in the cntent and style f the mvie. As an independent filmmaker Jim Jarmusch refused frm the traditinal fashion f filmmaking and uses film wrks t express his inner feelings, the state f his wn psyche and strength twards the external surrundings. Befre analyzing the film Stranger than Paradise by Jim Jarmusch, it is imprtant t debate the art tendencies f the twentieth century as the basis fr independent and alternative filmmaking, the main purpse f which is t g beynd the traditinal and classic art. Pp art and Avant-Garde in the Twentieth Century Mdernity f the twentieth century represented a crisis fr the traditinal art and ways f life, which have been replaced with uncntrllable change, unusual experiences and unmanageable alternatives (Willsn, 1997). The rejectin f traditin was and remains the main cntrversial aspect f the mdernism. The artwrks they

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